Fish oil has been shown to support brain, heart and the overall good health.

According to the National Institute of Health, fish oil is the third most widely used dietary supplement in United States. Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) which have some stunningly amazing advantages for men, women, children, and unborn babies. 

Fish oil supplements are available in many forms including softgels or pure oils. When deciding between types of Omega 3, consumers should consider the source of oil and mercury purification processes. Additionally, the sofgels that are used to house the oil is usually sourced from gelatin, an ingredient usually derived from pork. This has led several brands to introduce either pure oils in addition to Halal fish oil and Kosher fish oil to meet the needs of special interest consumers.

Let us have a dive in and out in the ocean of innumerable fish oil benefits.

1. It Helps Support Reduction in Inflammation

Inflammatory diseases include different types of cardiovascular diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.

Halal fish oil contains Omega 3 which is anti-inflammatory. In addition, DHA present in fish oil enhances B-cell activity. The B-cell is a white blood cell which also fights against inflammatory diseases.

Professor and Vice Chancellor of the department of neurological surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of medicine says, “Large amounts of Omega 3s present in fish oil reduce the inflammatory process which leads to many chronic diseases.”


2. It Helps Support Heart and Vascular Health

Fish oil keeps the bloods vessels from closing up. It supports normal heart functions and protects against abnormalities. To maintain normal heart patterns, triglycerides needs to be reduced as much as possible. Halal fish oil reduces them to almost 50 percent.

Fish oil first acts as a preventer and later as a cure to heart related disorders. It is used after heart transplants to prevent blood pressure going up. It protects damage to other body organs as well.


3. It May Increase Physical Performance

Fish oil supplements are excessively used by athletes to improve their physical strength and performance. Fish oil reduces inflammation, maintains blood pressure, ensures blood flow through every part of the body, and converts fats into energy. It also increases exercise performance by increasing stamina and power in the body*.


4. It Helps Support Metabolism

There is a myth about fats that they always lead to weight gain. This argument has been turned down and proved short of reason. Halal fish oil promotes weight loss and decreases blood sugar levels in obese people.

A recent research at Department of Health Sciences at Gettysburg College has stated that Fish oil reduces Cortisol levels- the stress hormones which are a key of elevated weight.


5. It Helps Maintain Blood Level

Fish oil works smartly on blood vessels. It assists them in expansion to maintain an ideal and healthy blood pressure. Fish oil can also successfully cure high blood pressure in patients.


6. It Helps Strengthens Bones

Halal Fish oil improves calcium levels in the body. Calcium maintains the skeletal structure in the body and regulates its functions effectively. More calcium means better and improved bone health. Taking a good amount of halal fish oil in supplements save from weak and brittle bones and tooth decay.

 Calcium present in halal fish oil, in combination with other vitamins and minerals, also supports other body functions. For instance, it helps in signal mobilization in between body cells. Halal fish oil directly aids blood clotting and improves muscle health.

Halal Fish oil also stimulates the process of reproduction by assisting movement of sperm into the egg. During pregnancy, fish oil acts as a powerful catalyst for fetal bones and teeth development. It maintains normal levels of blood circulation in both the baby and the mother.


7. It Supports Cognitive Functions

Halal fish oil works wonders for the enhancement of cognitive functions. DHA present in fish oil improves senses and triggers active brain response. It dampens the chances of memory loss or dementia.

Omega 3 is the food for effective nerve functioning which makes body organ work better and faster. Rush Institute of Healthy Aging conducted a research on 800 men and women which concluded that those who ate fish at least once in a week were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Halal fish oil is particularly very beneficial during pregnancy. It aids fetal brain development, and it also maintains a healthy immune system in mothers.


8. It Helps Combat PCOS

Around 10 percent women in the United States unfortunately suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). The abnormal ovarian behavior is mainly due to nutrient deficiency in the body. This deficiency leads to problems starting from irregular period cycles to infertility in extreme cases.

Halal Fish oil, which is rich in DHA and EPA, helps in the improvement of PCOS. To a very great extent, Halal fish oil supplements help eradicate the disorder if essential dosage is maintained.


9. It May Reduce Menstrual Pain

Halal Fish oil’s benefits for women outnumber its benefits for men. Halal fish oil improves women's genital and reproductive health by fixing, healing, and recovering disorders on regular basis.

Women of all ages complain of severe pain during their menstrual cycles. This may be due to a number of reasons. Halal fish oil supplements ease by reducing menstrual pain to lowest possible degrees. They also cut the need for pain medications which have certain obvious side effects.


10. It May help Prevent Miscarriages

Halal fish oil contains DHA and Omega 3 fatty acid which protect the fetus in the womb against all odds. It is said that a healthy amount of fish oil supplements can reduce the chances of miscarriages by 15%.


11. It Supports Kidneys

Halal fish oil works for kidney maintenance. It saves your kidneys from catching infections which may afflict and potential diseases that lead to kidney failure.

In case you are already suffering from kidney related disorders, fish oil still has a resolve for you. It cuts the amount of protein in urine which is the root cause of kidney malfunctioning. A regular recommended intake will definitely cure your kidney problems.


12. It Supports Eyes and Skin Health

Fish always has been consumed in thick proportions to improve eyesight and enhance vision. Halal fish oil being extracted from fish does the same. It heals dry eyes, glaucoma, and weakening of sight due to aging. Fish oil also saves people from developing AMD. 

In 2009, a study was carried out in the National Eye Institute which concluded that, “participants with higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet were 30 percent less likely than others to develop macular degeneration over a period of 12 years.”

Fish oil has been proven effective for healthy and glowing skin. It keeps your skin from developing acne and other skin-related disorders like psoriasis.


13. It Supports Pregnancy and May Ease Trimesters

Halal fish oil is a blessing if you are planning on getting pregnant. Halal fish oil stimulates sperm reaction and its collision with the egg. Besides boosting fertility, it aids fetus development in all the stages. Halal fish oil works amazingly on fetal intellectual as well as physical development.

Halal fish oil reduces the chances of pregnancy disorders by strengthening immune system to combat diseases. A healthy immune system keeps the baby progressing without creating much difficulty for the mother. It diminishes the risks of preterm labor and shun chances of birth defects and infant mortality.


14. It Supports Mood

Several medical studies suggest that moods are directly related to the diet we consume. What we eat will always remain significant.

Halal Fish oil in this respect is super beneficial. It contains two Omega 3 fatty acids called EPAs and DHAs that support healthy mood by reducing stress hormones. The two fatty acids help lower stress to a considerable degree 

A study carried out in Canada proved that women with higher levels of EPAs and DHAs tend to fall less into depression in their lives generally and in pre or postnatal periods particularly.


15. It Supports Immune Health

Halal fish oil plays a vital part in enhancing our immune system. A good level of fish oil in the body fights against a number of severe and chronic diseases.

Cancer is one among such diseases. Colon, breast, skin, uterus and prostate cancers can be easily prevented by adding a thick portion of halal fish oil permanently in our routine diets.


Final Words

You can’t deny the importance of halal fish oil in your life. It fights against dozens of harmful diseases and keeps you healthy and strong.

For a healthy life, you should consider having fish oil. The advantages are numerous and there are no side effects. Click here to find a leading halal fish oil option for you.

Note: Not all statements have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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